Allergens and dust can be a health hazard to you family. Ducted Vacuum Cleaners help protect your family against these health hazards. The fight against allergies  begins in your own home. One of the biggest culprits is carpet, asthma and eczema can be triggered by dust, pollen and mold spores hiding in your carpets. You do not need to take such drastic measures as removing all carpet apart from being an expensive exercise, you may enjoy the feel of soft carpet under your feet and the look it gives your home.

Ducted vacuum systems can be a fantastic way to keep your carpet clean and dust free. No need to lug a vacuum cleaner from one room to another just connect your ducted vacuum cleaner and clean microscopic particles like pollen, mold spores and dust mites. The ducted vacuum system will not re-circulate into the air the dust and particles like a normal vacuum, all particles and allergens are removed from your home into a canister located at the power unit. This will be a relief to those families looking for remedies to ease allergies such as asthma, excema and provide some relief in the home for those suffering with conditions so often triggered by nasties in the carpet.

Installing a system does not need to be only for new homes, existing homes can be professionally installed with a ducted vacuum system for less than the cost of some name brand vacuums. The system will run efficiently for over a decade and help with the everyday worries a family has with allergies caused by mold, dust and microbial particles.

Children suffering from conditions triggered by pollen, dust, mould spores, microbe particles and dust mites will greatly benefit from a ducted vacuum system in their home. With the knowledge that when vacuuming with a ducted system all the before mentioned nasties will be removed from the carpet and not have a chance of re-circulating back into the air because they travel through the ducted vacuum system into a canister, surely it is worth taking a look at as an option to help in your family home. If you’re already a proud owner of a ducted vac, Eagle Home Solutions can service almost all types of models found in Australia. Contact Us now or watch our videos below for more information.

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