Aussie Vac AV-808


Sound Level (Approx. dB @ 3 metres): 65.8
Cleaning Power (Airwatts @ 19mm): 654
Power Consumption (kWh) (Operating/Standby): 1.45/0.01
Motor Model No: 119998-08
Size of fans (impellers): 145mm
Number of fans (impellers): 2
Maximum motor speed (rpm): 33450
Maximum Sealed Vacuum (mm h2O): 3548
Maximum Airflow (litre’s/sec.): 60.7
Maximum power input (watts): 1700
Warranty: 6 years
Filter bag capacity (litre’s):2 Filter bags are included with power unit purchase 25
Power Unit Height (mm): 790
Power Unit Diameter (mm):