Electron EVS 2606B Ducted Vacuum power unit

The EVS 2606B ducted vacuum system is suitable for homes, townhouses and apartments up to 26 squares with a maximum of 4 inlet points. Due to its compact design, the EVS 2606B is perfect for installation in garages with workbenches and low storage areas as the unit can be installed just below ceiling height.

The EVS 2606B ducted vacuum system has an inbuilt utility valve to allow vacuuming of cars when the unit is installed in a garage. There is also an option for the system to be made “weather proof” by the addition of an EVS canopy.

Cleaning of the unit is made simple by the use of a 25-litre canister and a washable filter. The filter should be cleaned regularly to ensure that maximum suction is always maintained. Because the unit is bagless there is no filter bag to replace, therefore reducing overall running costs of the unit.

Utilising a quality motor manufactured by motor manufacturing industry leader “Ametek”, a locally manufactured ABS plastic body and control circuit board combined with a 4 year warranty – (provided as onsite if installed by Eagle Home Solutions) you can rest assured that the EVS-2606B will provide many years of hassle free use.

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Electron EVS-2606B


Sound Level (Approx. dB @ 3 metres): 68.5
Cleaning Power (Airwatts @ 19mm): 405
Size of fans (impellers): 145mm
Number of fans (impellers): 2
Maximum motor speed (rpm): 21200
Maximum Sealed Vacuum (mm h2O): 2450
Maximum Airflow (litre’s/sec.): 50.0
Maximum power input (watts): 1400
Warranty: 4 years
Filter bag capacity (litre’s): 25
Power Unit Height (mm): 810
Power Unit Diameter (mm): 310



We recommend the following options

EVS Washable Cartridge Filter


The high efficiency washable pleated filter is designed for use in EVS ducted vacuum systems.
It replaces the original paper filter used in some earlier EVS models. It is not suitable as a replacement for systems using the Electron & EVS Foam washable filter

  • Suitable for the following models:2606, 2606b, 2707, 2808, 3505, 3909, SP-Elite
  • Wash filter in cold water only

If you are unsure if this model will fit your current system, please call the team at Eagle Home Solutions on 03 9466 9744