Electron Vac FB 200 / EHS 2000 Ducted Vacuum power unit

The Electron Vac FB200 / EHS-2000 is designed and manufactured in Australia by Electron Vacuum Systems. The power unit is suitable for homes, townhouses and apartments up to 26 squares with a maximum of 3 inlet points. Due to its compact design, the Electron Vac FB200 is perfect for installation in garages and under stair storage areas where space is limited. A utility inlet valve is included with the unit to allow vacuuming of cars when the unit is installed in a Garage. Cleaning of the unit is made simple by the use of a 20 litre micro lined filter bag that only requires changing 2 to 3 times a year. And because the bag is disposable, there is no mess! Utilising a quality motor manufactured by motor manufacturing industry leader “Ametek”, a locally manufactured ABS plastic body and control circuit board combined with a 4 year warranty – (provided as onsite if installed by Eagle Home Solutions) you can rest assured that the Electron Vac FB200 / EHS-2000 will provide many years of hassle free use.


Electron EVS-FB 200 / EHS-2000


  • Sound Level (Approx. dB @ 3 metres): 68.5
  • Cleaning Power (Airwatts @ 19mm): 405
  • Power Consumption (kWh) (Operating/Standby): 1.35/0.01
  • Motor Model No: 491.3.707
  • Size of fans (impellers): 145mm
  • Number of fans (impellers): 2
  • Maximum motor speed (rpm): 26174
  • Maximum Sealed Vacuum (mm h2O): 2497
  • Maximum Airflow (litre’s/sec.): 57
  • Maximum power input (watts): 1500
  • Warranty: 4 years
  • Filter bag capacity (litre’s): 55
  • Power Unit Height (mm): 740
  • Power Unit Diameter (mm): 400


We recommend the following options

20lt FB200 – FB300 – EHS2000 Ducted Vacuum filter bag


Suitable For:

  • Electron Vac: FB200, FB300
  • EHS: 2000 series