Aussie Vac AV1300 Ducted Vacuum power unit

Unsurpassed quality & reliability

The Aussie Vac AV1300 ducted vacuum power unit is suitable for homes and townhouses up to 30 squares with a maximum of 5 inlet points. The unit is typically installed in the garage and a utility inlet valve is included to allow vacuuming of cars.

Outdoor installation of the unit is also made possible as the steel drum is galvanised and powder coated for durability and rust proofing.

Cleaning of the unit is made simple by the use of a generous 55 litre micro lined filter bag that only requires changing 2 to 3 times a year. And because the bag is disposable, there is no mess!

Utilising a quality motor manufactured by European motor manufacturing industry leader “Domel”, a locally manufactured steel drum & control circuit board combined with a 6 year warranty – (provided as onsite if installed by Eagle Home Solutions) you can rest assured that the Aussie Vac AV1300 ducted vacuum power unit will provide many years of hassle free use





Aussie Vac AV-1300


Sound Level (Approx. dB @ 3 metres): 76.7
Cleaning Power (Airwatts @ 19mm): 489
Power Consumption (kWh) (Operating/Standby): 1.35/0.01
Motor Model No: 491.3.707
Size of fans (impellers): 145mm
Number of fans (impellers): 2
Maximum motor speed (rpm): 26174
Maximum Sealed Vacuum (mm h2O): 2497
Maximum Airflow (litre’s/sec.): 57
Maximum power input (watts): 1500
Warranty: 6 years
Filter bag capacity (litre’s):2 Filter bags are included with power unit purchase 55
Power Unit Height (mm): 740
Power Unit Diameter (mm): 430


We recommend the following options


55lt Universal Ducted Vacuum Filter Bag


    Suitable For:
    The 55lt universal ducted vacuum filter bag suits a wide range of ducted vacuum systems including the following models.

            The 55lt universal ducted vacuum filter bag measures e 26 cm (260mm) wide and 73 cm (730mm) tall when laid flat.

  • Aussie Vac: AV1100, AV1200, AV1300, AV1400, AV1500, AV1600,AV2200, AV2400, AV2600, AV2800, PA1300, PA2600
  • Astro Vac:AS3000L, Hurricane
  • Valet: VL200, VL300
  • Premier Clean:Monarch Range – 250, 490, 550, 650 PC Range – PC-150, PC-175, PC-200 NV Range – NV-150, NV-175, V-200